About Us
Nona Volleyball Academy (NVA) was previoulsy Lake Nona Volleyball Academy which was established in 2014. Our program is a high quality program designed to develop all athletes to the highest level. Nona Volleyball Academy is committed to serving the community and will rise to the challenge of working hard for the benefit of the athletes, not the benefit of the business. Our goal for every player is to develop them not just as players that excel in the sport, but as people who have core family values and morals.
Nona Volleyball Academy focuses on volleyball skill-building, player development,  teamwork, as well as our core values of integrity, discipline, accountability, perseverance, respect and working with the community through volunteer service. Nona Volleyball Academy strongly believes that our coaches should teach more than just volleyball skills.  Our coaches will focus on the best interests of the girls by developing the conscientious player that values their teammates, coaches, and club.


As an organization, we vow to make decisions based on what is in the best interest of the student-athlete. This Academy is committed to providing an honest and healthy environment for players of all ages and skill levels. We feel the sport of volleyball offers many opportunities to teach lessons that will help the players not only to be successful on the court, but also to be successful in life.


At Nona Volleyball Academy, we strive to provide the best available resources for players of
all ages and skill levels to reach their fullest potential as student-athletes. Through our Academy’s 
club programs, camps, clinics, leagues, and private lessons, we hope to further our athletes’ potential for achieving success at a higher level. It is our job to provide opportunities through volleyball for our athletes to develop and strengthen their values, character, and discipline, not only in the sport of volleyball, but throughout life.


1– Focus on key character traits that we feel will help the athletes in all aspects of their lives.
Some of these character traits are: Responsibility, Dedication, Intensity, Teamwork, Leadership, 
Discipline, Sportsmanship, Respect, and Perseverance. We feel these traits are all keys to success. We want to empower every athlete to be better: students, players, and people.

2– Provide the best possible volleyball experience for our student-athletes. We will make every
effort to develop their skills as a volleyball player to the best of their ability and to help develop
their integrity as young adults. The lessons learned from participating in a youth sports program
can, and should, last a lifetime.

3– Train ALL of our athletes using specific training techniques. We want our players to go from
one level to the next with a solid base that is built upon each year. One complaint we have heard
from parents is that each year their children ar taught the same skill in a different way by their
new coach. We want consistency across the board on training. We want all of our coaches to be
teaching the basic fundamentals of the game in exactly the same way. If you observe different 
teams working on their serve, we want you to see them all doing it the exact same way. By having set standards on training, we feel the athletes will be able to advance to the next level most efficiently.  As the athlete moves from the intermediate to elite level, there will be some changes made in technique according to what the player is physically capable of doing. These adjustments will be made across the board as well.

4– Encourage student-athletes to be involved in the community. We feel it will be a good team building experience as well as a way for the girls to understand some of the needs of the community and how they can help meet those needs. We feel giving back to the community is very important and we are hoping that the experience will be a positive one that the girls will take
with them into their adult lives.